“Having a vision tunnel strategy is the key to knowing how to generate the proper revenue and eliminate the casualties"

- Queen Voice

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"Taking your business and marketing ideas to the next level."

 I am sales driven, passionate, motivational, punctilious and dedicated with expertise in strategies to engage customers and improve business opportunities.

As a business marketing professional, I excel in the art of selling any type of product manufactured by the company. I am a strategic thinker and knowledgeable in everyday marketing activities. 

"Taking your innovative ideas and new ones to a deeper and higher level."

Listed below are the services I offer and my tricks of the trade I bring to the table.

Business Strategy

Marketing Consultant


Slogan and Jingle

Business Strategy

Business Strategy is the art, science, and craft of formulating, ​implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that will enable me to achieve any objectives.

I will do continuous planning, monitoring, analysis, and assessment of all that is necessary to meet your goals and objectives.

I will use a strategic plan to document and communicate with the organization, as well as, the organizational goals, and the actions needed to achieve these goals.

I will capitalize on the bottom-line, and other critical elements developed during the planning exercise.

I also specialized in International marketing consulting in a comprehensive and ongoing management planning process, aimed at formulating and implementing strategies that enable a firm to compete effectively in the global marketplace.

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“Its mind over matter when you control the mind you control the matter”

“Your mind is the most powerful place on earth, own it"

- Queen Voice 

Marketing Consultant

Having over 20 years of business, sales, and marketing experience is not what makes me excel in this department. It’s the passion and rush of the sales that motivates me and finding strategies to bring out the best in a company.

I have helped numerous companies bring their ideas into an award-winning reality. I have helped businesses come up with new ideas, market the idea, and sell the product.

 “My goal is your goal, and that is to capitalize your business and bring in an enormous profit otherwise, why are you in business." 

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The research comes directly with marketing consulting.

My research department also comes standard with anything researched person, place, or thing.

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Every business in the picture above has an award-winning jingle/slogan that has become one of the worlds most recited household names till this day. There are many catchy jingles and slogans many have grown to love and remember such as M & M's Melts In Your Mouth Not In Your Hands, and Burger King Have It Your Way. 

Why not get in on the popularity, money, and fun an​d watch your sales skyrocket with a catchy phrase, jingle, byword or motto, to give your customers a catchy phrase they will hear and know it's you.

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​Website Builder/Designer

In need of a website builder or new ideas for a touch up give me a call.  

Website designs starting at ​$379.00 and up. 

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Every Business Can Use a Little Bit More Ideas, Motivation, and Money, So Let's Get Started! 

"If You Can Envision It, I Will Deliver It."


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